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Flavors and Fragrances

What are odors? Chemicals, of course, but what chemicals lead to which smells? Taste is the exact same thing, with the addition of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and the extra bonus of texture. When we say that something smells like something else tastes, we are referring in . ... more

Alternative Energy / Global warming

It seems that today were are facing terrible problems: That of energy, conservation of resources and pollution. It is widely believed that the release of carbon dioxide from burning buried fuels will lead to a catastrophe of global warming. Without an understanding of the physics... more

Why you hate CFL lamps

Well, you can't hate something because its too efficient, except maybe an ice cream cone that doesn't last long enough or a vacation to some south seas island... Some things are best enjoyed at leisure, or with imperfections and inconvenience held intact... more

General Problem Solving

The first step in solving a problem is to determine whether the problem is truly a problem, as many situations that appear problematic are indeed conditions. A condition has no solution, it simply is. A most obvious example is fitting a quart in a pint bottle; this is only ... more

The Flying Machine project

So much can be learned about just about everything on the internet. Here's my struggle with airplane design, with the intent to give back. More.

About Propane Forge Burners

Making a forge? Wanna know about how to build (with reason) a propane firing system that really rocks? More.